Back in Chicago

Right before leaving for Mexico I recorded guitar tracks for a great new piece by my composer friend Joe Hasiewicz. It’s called “Change
in the Possibilities” and I got to fire up the old electric guitar
and play some challenging stuff. The piece features the guitar and Joe
wrote some extremely difficult parts. It was hard work learning
it all, but well worth it. I wish I could take credit for all those cool
guitar lines but Joe wrote every note of it. You can listen to it by clicking

During the two weeks I was back in Chicago after returning from Mexico
I recorded a piece for my friend the bassist Steven Hashimoto’s new cd.
It’s a very cool tune called “Goya” that was inspired by the
film “Goya in Bordeaux” by Carlos Saura. The film is about the
life of the Spanish painter Francisco Goya. Hashimoto’s piece has a strong
flamenco flavor with shifting meters that make it tricky to improvise
on. It was great to play with Hash and my old friend, drummer Heath Chappell.
The cd should be out in July… stay tuned for more info.


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