New Recordings from Mexico (and the USA)

In March I recorded with Armando López Valdivia here in Guanajuato. We tracked nearly two hours of music and it turned out beautifully. Armando played violas de gamba, flute, guitar, zamfona (it’s like a hurdy-gurdy) and hand drum while I played guitar, dulcimer and vihuela (a Spanish 16th century antecedent of the guitar). I am now in the process of
mixing and editing the results and I’ll post some of it as soon as it’s ready.

I also did some playing and recording in Mexico City with my friend drummer/percussionist Javier Sosa. He played drum set and various percussion instruments and I played guitar and dulcimer. I’ll be adding some bass here at home and then mixing the results. So far it sounds great – I hope I don’t mess it up with the bass parts! Once again, I’ll post the results when they’re ready.

After returning home I did another session with jazz and R&B vocalist Jazmin Skye. We have been playing duets of voice and guitar and we recorded four tunes to function as a demo. As you might guess, my hands have been full with mixing and editing!

Festival Cervantino Shows

The Frestival Cervantino is the largest music festival in Latin America. It lasts three weeks and brings in artists from all over the world. The town of Guanajuato is overrun by people of every kind – from elderly classical music fans to itinerant post-hippies looking for the next party. The upside for us that live here is that we get to see some fantastic music for a reasonable cost right here at home.

I was invited by Armando Lopez Valdivia to perform as a special guest
with his early music group “Los Tiempos Pasados” in the Cervantino
festival here in Guanajuato. We did two shows, one in the Templo Valenciana, an old gorgeous cathedral here in town and another in a beautiful theatre in the downtown of the nearby city of Leon. Both events turned out wonderfully and I made some
new musical friends as well. Below are two photos, the first is from
the show in Leon and the second is from the Valenciana cathedral.



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