U.K. Radio Interview with One World Music Radio

I did an interview on One World Music Radio out of the U.K.
They also did a “Making Of” show about how I recorded After the Harvest and wrote a great review of the album as well. They originally broadcast the shows late the other night but they archive their broadcasts.
If you go to this link, you will find the two shows plus the review:

Even if you don’t have the time to listen to all of both radio shows, do read the review – the writer really understood what I was going for on the album.

Airplay Playlists

I’ve been receiving the reports of radio airplay from Heart Dance and it has been fun to read them for several reasons.

One, it is great to see the album getting played everywhere from Australia to all across the USA to England and Holland.

Two, it is interesting to see what songs the hosts chose to play on the air. There is really no consensus and nearly all of the songs have been played one one station or another. If I count, the winner by a few plays is “Sing, Mother Earth”, which is not one I would have predicted. But, hey, sometimes artists are the worst judges of their own work, right?

The third reason is seeing who I am being played alongside and I will expand on that in a couple of future posts.

After the Harvest Is Released!

After the Harvest is now officially released on Heart Dance Records! It is available at Amazon for download or physical purchase.

After the Harvest is also available on Spotify!
If you could, please follow me on Spotify as that helps to direct other people to my music. Also, if you make playlists please consider adding some of my songs to one of your playlists.

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