The first concert in the beautiful Museo Iconográfico de Don Quixote in Guanajuato,
Mexico on August 7th turned out to be one of the best concerts I’ve ever given.

The museum is a converted old hacienda near the center of town and it has a great concert space in the sculpture garden with wonderful acoustics. I’m happy that Armando Lopez
Valdivia joined me on stage again. He played with me there 2 years ago and it was a fantastic show. Armando is an early music specialist and has a collection of nearly 200 instruments – and he plays them all!
On the strength of that concert I was offered another at the Museo Dieguino also in Guanajuato. The environment for that concert wasn’t as ideal as the Iconográfico, but the seats were filled with attentive listeners.

Between the two concerts, I traveled to Mexico City to do some recording with drummer Javier Sosa and bassist Edgar Sanchez. I’ll post some audio of that session when it’s
mixed down. I then went to Paracho, a small town in the mountains of the state of Michoacan to purchase some instruments.

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