In March I recorded with Armando López Valdivia here in Guanajuato. We tracked nearly two hours of music and it turned out beautifully. Armando played violas de gamba, flute, guitar, zamfona (it’s like a hurdy-gurdy) and hand drum while I played guitar, dulcimer and vihuela (a Spanish 16th century antecedent of the guitar). I am now in the process of
mixing and editing the results and I’ll post some of it as soon as it’s ready.

I also did some playing and recording in Mexico City with my friend drummer/percussionist Javier Sosa. He played drum set and various percussion instruments and I played guitar and dulcimer. I’ll be adding some bass here at home and then mixing the results. So far it sounds great – I hope I don’t mess it up with the bass parts! Once again, I’ll post the results when they’re ready.

After returning home I did another session with jazz and R&B vocalist Jazmin Skye. We have been playing duets of voice and guitar and we recorded four tunes to function as a demo. As you might guess, my hands have been full with mixing and editing!

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